Top 10 Most Fashionable Artist In Nigeria

Nigerian artists are one of the most talked about people in the fashion industry, and here is a list of artist who has painted Africa in the fashion industry.

10. Yemi Alade:

We all know Yemi Alade for her controversial dresses. Her ankara styles are stunning, this is one of the main reason why we have her on our list. She has front paged lots of a-list african magazine. Her love for ankara has derived her a nick name ‘Mama Africa’.

9. Ric Hassani:

Our very own Mr. perfect gentle man has to make the list because his styles are matured and fashion oriented. He is one of those artist whose style has ankara taste too. His fashion sense modify his nick name Perfect Gentleman. He was the face of ‘Trybe Magazine‘ January.

8. Odunsi:

This is one of the the new artist making wave in Nigeria both musically and in the fashion industry. He takes his new style which we call misfits to a whole another level. His style is making trend in the under urban fashion ground. He has featured in magazines both U.K  and Nigeria.

7. Wavy Tha Creator :

This is one mad ass fashionista you don’t wanna mess around with. She has taken the misfit style outta this world and she’s been recognized for her craze for fashion . She was headlined at Ghana late last month. She was recently commended by Tinie Tempah for her craze for fashion. She is also YBNL’s official photographer.

6. Lynxx:

Syndicate man himself is one of those artist whose got extra bizarre style. Maybe that’s why he got the name ‘The Fitter‘, because he always storms the red carpet with his distinguished style. He is one of the artist who has  the most frontlined Vogue Africa. His body is one of his characteristics for his style. Now you know when we say Lynxx, we mean fashion.

5. Tiwa Savage:

 Popularly know as ‘Mama Jay‘. She is one of the Nigerian artist whose got that style and never let us down on the red carpet. She is the most fashionable  female artist in Nigeria and she is also our best dressed female artist here at PapiiAfrica. She storms every scene with her carrasing style that’s got everyone loving her. She has fronlined a lot of magzine and we know for sure she will frontline more. Mama Jay never keeps quiet when it comes to style.

4. Wizkid:

Daddy Yo himself is one of those artist we’ve gat to mention when it comes to fashion in Nigeria, having been crowned the most fashionable artist in 2016 and still he hasn’t dropped a bit in the fashion scene. Daddy Yo’s uniqueness is his taste for ultra urban fashion. He is one of those downtown King in the fashion scene .Baba Nla’s style has elapsed to the sense that he started his own clothing line haven recently signed a deal with Nike bringing up the Starboy FC jersey. Our Baba Nla no dey carry last. Starboy is one of those people you should look up to as an artist in the industry because he’s gat style and talent and knows how to do justice to his wardrobe. That’s why Starboy is on our list of the most fashionable artist in Nigeria.

3.  Ice Prince :

 When you say fashion in the music indurstry and you don’t call Ice Prince, mehn it ain’t complete. This is one of those people who has put Africa on the map with their style. Zamani might have slipped from the music scene but has never taken a step back on the fashion scene. One of the main reason we like Ice Prince is because of the dress pattern. So Nigerian music indurstry in the fashion scene is not complete without Ice Prince.

2. Burna Boy: 

Head of the misfits, Family King of the Under Urban Fashion and the Don Gorgon himself  ‘BURNA‘. He is undoubtedly one of the most fashionable artist in Nigeria. Burna Boy’s style may be crazy but he has got the style we ask of him. He has been doing alot in the the fashion scene now a days, we cant wait to see what he’s gat for us. Burna boy style aint slacking and doesnt seem like it .

1. Runtown :

Am so blessed and happy that even designers like Versace and Louis Vuitton recognised this top class fashionista. Runtown is as at now the most fashionable artist in Nigeria. He has got that taste of fashion we all wanna emulate. He has grown gradually and has now finally sat on his throne as the King of Fashion in the Nigerian music indurstry. He was also named social media Most Dressed Artist in 2017. Runtown keeps growing and we dont think any distraction can take him off his sit for now.

And now you have it, our number 1 Most Fashionable Artist ‘RUNTOWN’.

Compiled by ELB

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