The Interview Session featuring Ola Billionz

Ola Billionz is a rapper from the department of History and Heritage Studies in the prestigious Kwara State University, Malete. He was featured on The Interview Session of PapiiAfrica.

PapiiAfrica: What’s your name?
Ola Billionz: Olamide Abdulbaseet Bello

PapiiAfrica: How did you come about your stage name?
Ola Billionz: Actually, my name is Olamide and I have a billionaire ambition, that how I came about the name

PapiiAfrica: What inspired you into music?
Ola Billionz: Am talented, I love music and I like to make money and fame through music

PapiiAfrica: What famous musicians influenced you?
Ola Billionz: Olamide and Runtown

papii: Were you influenced by old records? Which?
Ola Billionz: Yea, eni duro by Olamide

papii: What’s your music sound?
Ola Billionz: Rap but I’m planning on switching to Afro pop

papii: How do you balance your music career with other obligations?
Ola Billionz: I do music in the night, that when I have the chance

PapiiAfrica: How do you get inspiration?
Ola Billionz: I listen to my favourite songs, I gives me inspiration to do more than that

PapiiAfrica: If you were given a chance to feature any big artist both Nigerian and foreign, who would that be? Why?
Ola Billionz: I  don’t know yet, when the time comes, I will know who to feature

PapiiAfrica: If you were given a chance to be in big brother, would you take it? Why?
Ola Billionz: Nope, that not my line

The Interview Session

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