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Slimcase Craze IG Live Full Video Download

Here is why is trending on Twitter, the Pongilah master was live on ig with different girls which is prove to me interest and embarrassing,

Slimcase whose real name is Oladapo Oko-Eko is a fast rising Nigerian singer and songwriter born on August 21, 1985. He grew up in Ikorodu part of Lagos state having schooled and raised on the streets. … Slimcase rose to fame after capitalizing on the new dance step “Shaku Shaku” with his song “Oshozondi”.

Watch clips below

I R U N N I A ™@Irunnia2

The problem with Nigerians. Slimcase learnt from Tory lanez and his own don pass now.

Raw pussy on IG live. Who be that girl sef. Chai!!!

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BENUEGIANT🦍 (Twita finest)@one_dosh

Just look at what’s happening on Slimcase IG live.

How do y’all see this as fun? I don’t even get it at all.

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Dont cry …🙂Say Fuck you 🖕aNd sMiLe@jazzmahn_

If you blame Slimcase eh……Ya very madddd……You want to tell me that Slimcase will tell em to do this…???😒😒😒😒🤦‍♂️

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Olamide Lammie@lammie_olamide

E sure me die sey slimcase go soapy this night. Yeye man

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Slimcase with the vibes
Everywhere Stew🔥

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What is wrong with Slimcase?

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Billionaire Businessman@elvix3g

If you are a slimcase’s fan and you’re cool watching this video, block me now and God will punish you too.

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Slimcase is not serious which one is this accent 😂🤣. Na everybody dey do this shii now 🤦🏾‍♂️

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GOL D. ROGER@Busaryoh

Corona milk…wasted!

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If you’re not on slimcase ig live. You’re missing ohh

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M i a 🧣@sisimiaa

Slimcase Ig live is getting cccrrrazzy😱

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