According to the scriptural quote, “Money is the roots of all evils”. At the same time, we just cannot but to overemphasized it’s importance and how it could aid and transform the fortunes of a man. Without money, life becomes meaningless and difficult which is why it’s become a necessity for man to acquire it but not to the detriment of moral uprightness and socially accepted behavior.

Recall that recently, Ramon Olorunwa Abass or Raymond Igbalode popularly known as Hushpuppi was arrested by the Interpol in Dubai alongside his friend, Woodberry, for series of alledged fraudulent crimes.

Here we compiled and bring you lists of economical and life-changing investments Hushpuppi’s looted funds could do if judiciously managed.

Have a look at the list below…

  1. Fund the construction of Lagos-Ibadan expressway (Project awarded at N167 billion)
  2. Construct 5 Lekki-Ikoyi Bridges (a 1.3km cable-stayed bridge built at N29 billion)
  3. Build 21,000 units of a 3 bedroom bungalow (at N8 million)
  4. Build 4 Stadiums (Akwa Ibom Stadium Standard)
  5. Buy 14,470 units of hospital ventilators (N11.6million)
  6. Pay tuition fees of 5,400 engineering students (at Covenant University for 31 years, N1,002,500 for each student)
  7. Pay Nigeria’s President Salary (N14,058,820 for 11,000 years)
  8. Fund Osun 2020 budget (N119 billion with a left over of 49 billion)
  9. Build 8 Cargo airports in Nigeria (N20 billion each)
  10. Send 5,988 Nigerians to Harvard (at N28,051,513 tuition fee)

Source:- GQBuzz

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