Say No To Rape – Malcolm

#Say no to Rape

Real man don’t rape

Raping doesn’t make you a brave man, it will just ridicule and belittle that you’re not yet a man. It saddens my heart whenever I hear story of rape and I keep wondering if a rapist is a man or an animal.

But my mind tells me that such person who rapes is not just an animal, but a wild one.

Come to think of it, assuming it’s your sister, daughter, wife or mother that was been raped, how would bear the shame or life time trauma that you will bear forever.

Mind you those females have the the same vein as yours, and another question you need to ask yourself is “can I marry someone that have been raped before?” capital, NO.

Once a girl has been raped by you, that means you’re sending her to her early grave all because there was a believed that there is no other life after that. It’s an ephemeral pleasure for you after you have deprived her dignity, but it’s a lifetime pain in her heart. Her body is her treasure and dignity which is one of the main reasons she is alive. Why did you just decided to give her an option to take off her life.

To all girls let me shorten my words with the way you dress is the way you’ll be approached. Though, the way you dress should be a reason for you to be raped, but prevention is better than cure.

Comr. Babatunde Adesina Isiaq P.K.A. Malcolm

Nans Kwara Vice Chairman Admin.



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