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Nigerians Blasts Uganda Police Over Omah Lay & Tems Arrest

Nigerians on social media have taken to diverse platforms to call out the Uganda Police over the arrest of singers and .

The duo was arrested by the Police during a performance in East African country over the weekend and charged to court earlier today.

The Police tweeted of the arrest after Ugandan journalist, Canary Mugume broke the news of the arrest on his social media page

“Just in: Nigerian Artist Omah lay has been arrested by Katwe police, together with the manager of the venue where he performed from last night; Dungu Ivan and the Events manager Prim Kasana, all are in custody, @Lukowoyesigyire confirms.”

The Police later tweeted:

Nigerian Artist Omah lay has been arrested by katwe police , the manager of the venue one Dungu Ivan and the Events manager Prim Kasana are also in custody .

More details to follow

— Owoyesigyire🇺🇬 (@Lukowoyesigyire) December 13, 2020

The singers were however charged to court today and Nigerians have continued to bombard the social media page of the Police Force in the country.

See reactions below:

This is a Set-Up and we all must join voices together!!

Did Omah Lay and Tems invite themselves to Uganda?? How do you arrest Nigerian Artistes in your country over a show that they didn’t organize??

Why didn’t they just postpone or cancel the show if shows weren’t allowed?

— DeboMacaroni (@mrmacaronii) December 14, 2020

Make Uganda no shaleya, we go drag them mercilessly o#FreeOmahLay #FREETEMS

— Chibuogwu Otuya (@ChibuOGWU_) December 13, 2020

Ugandan 🇺🇬 governments wants to carry all the frustration put for OmahLay and Tems head…no be there fault say una Artists no gree blow naa #FreeOmahLay #FREETEMS

The Ugandan tv presenters and radio presenters complaining about Omah Lay performing in Uganda are the same presenters playing 80% Nigerian music on tv and on radio and you still want Ugandans to be booked 😂😂😂

— Sheilah C Gashumba (@SheilahGashumba) December 13, 2020

So my brother-in-law just sent this to me from Uganda, apparently Omah Lay & Tems have been sent to a maximum security prison in Uganda till Wednesday & the Nigerian Govt isn’t doing anything about it.

Can we RT & tag govt officials till they see this. #FreeOmahLay #FreeTems

— Samuel Otigba (@SamuelOtigba) December 14, 2020

— AS IF I CARE🙄😏😑😒💔 (@Glowboyriri01) December 13, 2020

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