You have loved me when I deserved no loving
You loved me even though all I did was push you away
You loved me even when the road down looked like a dead end
You loved me when all you could give was that love
You loved me in my worst moment
You loved me wen the lion king in my head was not going to back down
You loved when it was clear I didn’t love you back
You loved me when I wasn’t even going to look your way
You have made my worst times best
And gradually,  speaking to you became my past time
Sit back and watch me do my own loving.
I promise to out do what your love did
I promise I’ll love you through thick and thin
I promise to be by your side when no-one else is
It won’t be easy,  but I promise to tame the lion for you
I promise it’ll be you during good and bad times
So please would you keep loving me like you always have?

We promised we’d love each other eternally.
I could swear I pictured our own family daily.
We were the big thing no-one ever understood
But now we’re a broken neckpiece left unhooked
Love just wasn’t meant for us!
We had it yeah? But to manage, it was too enormous.
We broke it off but we couldn’t have been more pathetic
Wanting each other so bad but still being apathetic
We held on so tight, yet so loose
After letting go, there were still cooes and drools
But to eachother’s feelings we chose to stay oblivious
I guess we can’t be us without being obnoxious

Written by:
Marrdhiya Salah


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