Instagram Slay Mama Jumps Queue With Twerking To Use Bathroom In ‘Face Me I Face You’

Curvy Nigerian Instagram twerker, Shallymhiz, took her twerking prowess to a public compound with one toilet.

Here, the tenants queue up to use the toilet and bathroom.

Seeing that the queue was long, she decided to employ her twerking tactics to bypass the others and it worked for her.

She took her bucket of water and went to the front and twerked so well that the man in front got carried away and allowed her jump the queue.

She captioned the funny video:

“If they like let the queue be as long as third mainland bridge, na me go enter next�

This is how your enemies will be fighting your battle and your is to just look and pass�

PS: It’s not my fault o My Ass got em��”

Watch the funny video

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