Davido Shades Wizkid Fans

is not taking any precaution as he calls out fans of popularly known as the FC.

It all started when Davido announced he has a new song coming with female American rapper . While the news was well received by his fans some fans of Wizkid had some demeaning things to day.

A supposed member of Wizkid FC sent out a tweet to demean Davido and the singer wasn’t having it.

The ‘Fia’ crooner instantly called out the Wizkid FC insisting the can always suck his ‘d!ck’.

Davido cleared he has love for Wizkid but his fans can ‘suck my d!ck X2!!’.

“Yo I love wiz but yo WIZKID FC CAN SUCK MY DICK !! X2!!”, he tweeted.

Apparently, Davido is the second artiste that has expressed his disgust for Wizkid fans after .

Meanwhile a new Davido album titled ‘A Better Time‘ is set for release in July.


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