The unusual exercise and morning work out going on at fitness center today at exact 10:00 am is not as populated as expected.
The lead instructor Mr olugbenga who is a staff at the fitness service center said there is always a two section of morning (8:00-12noon) and evening section but student of the great citadel of learning aren’t turning up this session as part of what they register and paid for each year.
He said at this period in last session student turned up in batches that acquires building of muscles and burning of fat at the gym center located at indoor sport.

The instrument at the gym include the thread mill, massage exercise,Blood pressure machine,stationary bicycle , bench,leg extension machine, elliptical trainer, Waist trainer machine, Weight lifter and many more based on the categories the gymnast want at no cost.
Further more, the analyze areas they want to be trained on including the staff such as flat belly for male and female, hips builder and natural body enhancement for ladies, six packs for guys and some want to loose weight through yoga, they will recognize cardiovascular exercise for them and some for muscle builders.
Two male student were interviewed at the gym from the department of visual and performing art 200L, they said its there daily routine to come for gym on campus for them to maintain their small stature in their dancing career at the department. Temi and Bola also reveal that they do it at least twice a week in the university and morning jogging is been observed everyday.
Instructor Olugbenga finally beseech student to make use of the opportunity while still on campus to build their immune system and build a healthy body as a student and staff.

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